Outdoor Adventure


  1. Is it recorded videos ?

Yes, it is.

So that you can watch them anytime anywhere you want to.

Can be viewed in mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.


  1. How will I get your personal support ?

You will get the personal mentor contact details in your credentials given at check out.


  1. How long will I get your personal support ?

Personal support will be availed for 75 days after the successful purchase of the Premium Mentorship Programme.

This is based on the experience that, personal support for maximum of 75 days is sufficient for someone who is serious about stock market and its technical analysis of price chart to take profitable trades.

We also understand that some participants might not have sufficient time to focus on stock market due to their busy work schedule. Don’t worry, we can review your progress of learning and decide for future supports as well, if you feel it is required.


  1. Will there be a community for discussion ?

Of course.

Apart from personal support, you will be added to our Trading Club community, so that you can discuss and learn from everyone.


  1. Why this programme ?

Based on our 8+ years of experience in stock market, we have seen beginners or traders with less than 1 or 2 years of experience fall for tips services and other false promises in view of making easy money. But eventually it ends up with losing the trading capital. So we decided to help them, because we were also beginners once, so that we know the pain of starting something without having much idea or having wrong understanding at the beginning. This Premium Mentorship Programme is the product of long period planning and preparation.


  1. Why is this Programme fee being so low?

Our aim is to create awareness among people and educate the novice traders on share market trading. Thus, anyone who is a beginner can become a profitable trader.  So the course should be affordable for each and every one who is beginning with small capital in the share market. Since we are already profitable with the low fees, there is no dire need for charging more :, Our motive is not to make money rather spread awareness and education on trading in share market and to safeguard people from doing wrong trading and/or investments.


  1. Is there any short cut to do profitable trading?

Of course NOT. Learn by yourself is the only way to make long term wealth. It is the reality whether you like it or not. Also, understand that there is no one to make money for you, but you are the only one to do so.

There are short cuts like, taking tips service, copy trading, algo trading etc. But I am yet to see at least any One person who made returns Consistently, over long period using any of these short cuts. But we can show Hundreds of people who Lost money in these things over long period.


  1. How many days will it take to complete videos?

This depends on your time availability. You can watch the content anytime anywhere when you are available to learn. It is suggested to watch them in the order given, which will take you from the beginner level to a professional trader level.